Tips to Avoid Screen Printing Mistakes

We hear countless horror stories from our customers who have come to us from other printers, but in all honesty these simple mistakes can be easily avoided by having great check systems all along the way of the printing and pre-production process. That’s what really sets us apart from many other screen printers in NZ.

Here are some of the basics:

  1. Wrong font – A wrong font is very visible on the item and everybody can see it clearly. Before printing, screen printers must select what font will fit best their materials and pick the right size that’s in lined with their media.
  2. Smudging – This mistake could very well ruin your product. To avoid smudging, make sure that the print screen is securely in place before printing. This way the screen printing designs will not shift upon application of the ink.
  3. Wrong colour shade – A wrong shade of colour in any of your screen printed product can harm the brand image of your clients. We always check if you have picked the right colour before proceeding with the printing process.
  4. Spilled inks – Spillage occurs when the colours to be printed with are not properly mixed. A blurry image can be the result of this mistake and can very well do harm to your print media. Thoroughly mixing the inks reduces its thickness and will maintain the right consistency. Another way to control spills is blotting. This method makes you see if the ink is in the right consistency before putting it on the print screen.
  5. Un-angled squeegee – An un-angled squeegee results to an overflow of the ink being applied. This could lead to an ink spillage or an excessive deposit of inks on the fabric. To avoid this mistake, we always make sure to maintain a 45 degree angle when applying ink to the screen. Following this advice will leave ink coats which are easy to control and will leave a smooth finish on the fabric.