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When you need custom t-shirt printing for your sports team, custom hoodies for your school, or a uniform for your business that your staff will stand out in – we’re your one stop shop. Choose from screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, applique and more. Custom Clothing will create personalised apparel you’ll wear with pride. And because we handle the entire process – from inspired design to fast delivery – you’ll find it incredibly easy to get the look you want.

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Customer service is a right, not a luxury, and it’s our mission to deliver outstanding service with every screen printing and embroidery job. That’s why we should be your first choice when it comes to t-shirt printing and personalised apparel. Just check out our testimonials to see how much our customers rave about the fast, high quality service we provide.

Custom Clothing Makes it Easy!

We’ll help you create a great looking design from scratch, or tweak an existing image to get the look you want. Ask us to come and see you at your business, school or club and help you decide on the screen printing or embroidery solution that’s best for you.

Custom Clothing Since 2006

Custom Clothing – NZ’s bulk screen printing and embroidery experts – is a proudly Kiwi owned and operated company established in January 2006.

Created by Marco Di Cesare, Leon Di Cesare and Stephen Gardner, our mission has always been the same. To provide a premium service creating quality, great looking clothing for schools, businesses and clubs around New Zealand.

We’ve come a long way since our first days in business, operating out of our Auckland CBD apartment. But some things remain the same, and one of those is our commitment to keeping on top of the latest trends and techniques in screen printing, digital ‘Supacolour’ printing, sublimation and embroidery.

Frequently asked questions

We may or may not be from the future. Here are the questions you were just about to ask us.
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Please check out our products page, there is a list of products that we have there that covers the core stuff we stock. However because we have access to literally thousands of garments we have not put them all up here. Needless to say we stock everything from t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts to quick dry garments. Plus much more

We have a sliding scale for all our projects, so the more you do the cheaper it gets and vice versa. Note as is industry standard if your quantity changes, the price will change. There are fixed costs with any project that get spread across the number of garments you are doing, so if that number of garments changes the price will also change. We run a fair and reasonable business and will do everything we possibly can to enter into mutually beneficial business with you.

Yes! We can print onto any piece of clothing as long as there is room to print on it! We have printed on all sorts of stuff over the past four years and have plenty of experience to print on whatever items you want. T-shirts, Hoodies, Shorts, Caps, Jackets, shirts, skirts, and jumpers we’ve even printed onto canvas’s and poker tables.

The general rule is that we cannot screen print within 2 cm of a seam/hem. This means you can print almost anywhere on most garments, just as long as your design fits in the area you need to print. This includes, but is not limited to, sleeves, chest, back, hoodie pockets, on the hood of a hoodie and on the pocket of a polo/shirt. Sometimes there are other options to get your print onto an obscure area. If in doubt get in contact with us.

Firstly Digital Transfers/printing is an option for a more cost effective but lower quality result. Essentially the design is vinyl cut or transferred to the garment via a heat press. It’ll look good but the lifetime of the transfer/print is only about a year, it needs washing on cold inside out and is not to be put in the dryer otherwise it will warp. Also the image itself should be reasonably true to form compared to the artwork. But keep in mind that artwork translated onto fabric is only ever going to be roughly 7/10 compared to the original artwork.

A traditional screen print is higher quality, longer lasting. It is more costly on smaller print runs but the quality is second to none and typically a screen print will last as long as the garment itself. The weight and feel of a screen print is much lighter than a vinyl cut digital print. And as far as it goes the ink is printed into and slightly on top of the fabric. So it feels much nicer on and breathes better. The other good thing about doing screen printing is that once the screens are setup the costs to come back and print later are much reduced making it more affordable later on.

Bottom line if you are on a budget and/or are only doing a small run of say 10 – 15 units then digital printing may be the way to go, especially if there’s a lot of colours in your design. But if you are after long lasting quality and/or you are doing a run of say 20 – 50+ then screen printing is much preferable and can sometimes be cheaper especially on larger runs.

If that is what you want, no worries. We have done a lot of embroidery in the past and would be happy to do that for you. Click for more on Embroidery.

deally we’d like artwork should be supplied in a vector format like AI, EPS or PDF. This is to make sure the detail in the design is not lost and to give you a high quality finish. If this is beyond your art capabilities then a hi resolution image file or PSD may work out ok. We’ll need to see the artwork first before confirming.

Certainly, we do have a minimum of 20 units per sublimation project. Check out our page on Sublimation printing for more info.

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