Felt Applique

Want that American Athletic-style branding for your leavers hoodies or sports team jackets? Applique is the best solution for you. We have two types of Applique branding available; Felt Applique and Sports Twill Applique.

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Felt applique is great for Leavers Hoodies and Jackets, as it capture that vintage American college look. Felt panels are laser cut, then layered and stitched to create a 3d-like image. As the material used is felt, it gives the design a great looking Matte finish. This process works best if the design is a thick, simple design (usually large block letters and numbers), as intricate details cannot be cut from the felt.

Sports twill applique is the next step up from Felt applique. A shiny finish and a clean cut gives your sports uniforms, hoodies and jackets that professional look and feel. Again, simpler designs are best as intricate details cannot be cut from the fabric. As the sports twill fabric is higher quality than felt, it can be a more expensive option, but your garments will look a million bucks.

Both applique processes are best used when you are wanting a larger stitched design on your hoodie or jacket, but want a more cost effective option than large embroidered designs. And because they are stitched onto the garments, the design have more longevity than printed designs.

Felt Applique Work Examples

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