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Below is a guide for which decoration method could be best for you.

Under that is a quick 4 point checklist, that will help you decipher the quotes you are collecting, and help you reach your ideal outcome.

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There are a lot of screen printing and embroidery companies in New Zealand and it seems that they all have different ideas on how to quote, what garments to use and what type of process to use.

A lot of the time the reasons a company is quoting in a particular way is because they are limited to that particular service/garment, we don’t have these limits. We can provide whatever printing/embroidery service you need and we have wholesale agreements with all the major wholesale brands available in New Zealand.

4 Point Checklist

1) Compare Apples With Apples

Some companies will just quote on the absolute cheapest garment on the market, regardless of whether it shrinks after two washes. We only use good quality garments. The same can be said for the printing method. So when comparing quotes make sure you are comparing the same things.

2) Compare the Overall Prices

Some companies in the screen printing and embroidery industry have overly complicated quotes. For example, sometimes setup, shipping and design costs are extra. We won’t do this to you, and pride ourselves on our simple quotes. Hence to truly compare a quote you need to just compare the overall prices.

3) Hidden Charges

Beware of hidden charges and remember the old cliche “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is”. We won’t surprise you with hidden costs. If the details of your quote doesn’t change our price won’t change.

4) Ask Us To Clarify

If in doubt, ask us to clarify. We’d be more than happy to talk through the different products and services that you have been quoted on. You can give us a call on 0800 425372 or contact us now.

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