Screen printing & Embroidery Buyers Guide

There’s a lot of screen printing and embroidery companies in New Zealand and it seems that they all have different ideas on how to quote, what garments to use and what type of process to use.

A lot of the time the reasons a company is quoting in a particular way is because they are limited to that particular service/garment, we don’t have these limits. We can provide whatever printing/embroidery service you need and we have wholesale agreements with all the major wholesale brands available in New Zealand.

Below is a quick 4 point check list, that will help you decipher the quotes you are collecting, and help you reach your ideal outcome.

Quotes guaranteed in 3 working hours or less

Bulk Order Specialists: From ten garments to thousands, get a quote for custom t-shirt printing or embroidery now.  We will get back to you within 3 working hours, guaranteed.